Task 3. You decided to stay at a hotel. Complete the information on the form in order to book a room for yourself and your friend.

Выполнить тестНачало формы

1.Заполните пропуски в предложениях, используя следующие фразы:

Influences, placed an advert, run new ads, responded to an advert, scanned adverts.

Задание 1.

She in the local newspaper to sell her table.

Задание 2.

More than 40 people for the position of office manager.

Задание 3.

Marry in hope of finding work as a hairdresser.

Задание 4.

Advertising our society tremendously.

Задание 5.

Companies campaign when they launch a new product.


Задание 1.

When iPhones 5s became popular, many stores ... and promoted them.

· jumpedoverthebandwagon

· respondedtoanadvert

· started

Задание 2.

Each company tries to ... as many customers as possible.

· invest

· engage

· promote

Задание 3.

Print advertising includes ads in newspapers, magazines and ... .

· cinema

· tradejournals

· TV

Задание 4.

... use celebrities’ power, fame and popularity to promote specific products.

· Internetads

· Sky-writing

· Celebrityads

Задание 5.

Estée Lauder is ... in cosmetics today.

· topdog

· downcat

· redfox

Конец формы

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Advertisement – Реклама

What is advertising?

Advertisement is a marketing tool used to raise public awareness of a certain object. The main purpose of advertisement is to gain an interest of a prospective client in a product.

Functions of advertisement

One of the main functions of advertisement is to attract public interest to something. It is also used to maintain this interest and constantly remind us of a product or a service. Along with that, advertisement is a good way to inform people of a brand or a company.

Types of advertisement

With the development of mass media a lot of different types of advertisement have appeared. Depending on a purpose, advertisement can be political, commercial or social.

According to the place, it can be outdoor and indoor. Advertising on TV, radio and in newspapers is, without any doubt, something that everyone is familiar with.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of advertising is that it helps to generate sales. Thanks to advertising we learn about new products and services.

On the other side, advertisement is beyond our control. We cannot fully eliminate it, because it is everywhere.

Role of advertisement in our life

It is not just an economic role advertising plays in our life. It influences on and forms our views and preferences. Besides, it makes us aware of a technological progress and development of other parts of our life.

Control Paper. Variant 1

Task 1 Match an expression on the left with a question on the right.

1. First name a. Are you married or single?
2. Surname b. What do you do in your free time?
3.Date of Birth c. What’s your phone number?
4.Place of Birth d. What’s your first name?
5.Permanent Address e. Where were you born?
6.Marital Status f. When were you born?
7.Occupation g. What’s your family name?
8.Nationality h. Where do you live?
9. Hobbies/Interests i. What’s your nationality?
10.Tel.no. g. What do you do?

Task 2. Active or Passive Voice. Choose the right form of the verb.

1. We … this text.

a. translated b. were translated

2. The letter … tomorrow.

a. will write b. will be written

3. The book … by my friend.

a. is bought b. bought

Task 3. You decided to stay at a hotel. Complete the information on the form in order to book a room for yourself and your friend.

The Royal Hotel Room Reservation Request
Please reserve (insert number of rooms):
-Twin bedded
-Double bedded
From night of
To morning of
With breakfast
Without breakfast
Telephone No.
Approximate time of arrival

Control Paper. Variant 2